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Papers are invited in the broad areas of accounting and informatics management, audit and corporate governance, economics and sustainable development, finance, financial-analysis, management, marketing and tourism.

Authors are invited to submit theoretical and empirical contributions, all of them being double-blind peer-reviewed.

The general topics – but not limited – of this conference are:

1. Accounting and Informatics Management

  • Financial Accounting
  • Public Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Management Control
  • Accounting History
  • Ethics and Professional Reasoning
  • Management Information Systems

2. Audit and Corporate Governance

  • Financial Audit
  • Internal Audit
  • Internal Audit in the Public Sector
  • Risk and Corporate Governance
  • Controlling

3. Financial Analysis

  • Analysis of the profitability of firm
  • Analysis of the stability of firm
  • Analysis of liquidity and solvability of firms
  • Analysis of public sector entities

4. Finance

  • Financial strategies and policies of firms
  • Public finance
  • Banks and insurance
  • Capital markets

5. Economics and Sustainable Development (Special Session: 185 years since the birth of Dionisie Pop Marţian)

  • National economies and the European area
  • Tourism importance and the economic development of the European area
  • Economic models and econometrics
  • Internet technologies applied in economics
  • Environmental economy – challenges for sustainable development

6. Management

  • Organizations’ changing strategies in the European area
  • Information technology importance in management
  • Management and organization changing in the European business management
  • Information and communication technologies – support for business management
  • European Quality Standards applied in Management

7. Marketing and Tourism

  • Marketing and organizations changing
  • Marketing research
  • Consumers behavior
  • Communication and public relations
  • Food security and safety

8. Doctoral Colloquium

The colloquium offers doctoral students an opportunity to present and discuss their doctoral research with leading academics in their field of research, as well as to interact with fellow doctoral students working with similar research problems. We encourage doctoral students to present the current state of their research work, studies that present approaches in both qualitative and quantitative research, and several techniques both with survey data collection, secondary data and experiments are welcomed. The range of topics includes: Macro and microeconomics, economic policy, public and international policy, environmental policy; finance, banking, insurance; accounting and auditing; management, marketing, tourism, trade and services; business information systems; statistics, econometrics, quantitative methods in economics; other areas of scientific research in economics.