Call for reviewers

Annales Universitatis Apulensis series Oeconomica is seeking for the services of qualified persons as Reviewers, in order to insure that the manuscripts published meet the highest standards of quality.

Reviewers will assess the article on criteria such as:

  • the theme relevance and importance in the research field;
  • the originality degree of ideas or analysis;
  • contributions to knowledge;
  • the relevance of literature review for the article;
  • a research methodology of quality;
  • the article organization and clarity;
  • the emphasis put on results, interpretations and conclusions;
  • references relevance used by the author.

The interest subjects for reviewers are the following: Accounting; Audit; Finance; Fiscal Policy; Economics; Business Information Systems (MIS); Management; Marketing; Tourism; Operations Research/Statistics.

The quality and timeliness of Annales Universitatis Apulensis series Oeconomica rely on the reviewers’ volunteer efforts.

If you are interested in reviewing manuscripts for Annales Universitatis Apulensis series Oeconomica, please submit a letter of interest including name, University/institutional affiliation, e-mail addresses, research interests, area of expertise and a list of your most recent publications to the email:

Editor in chief,
Prof. Sorin Briciu, PhD
'1 Decembrie 1918' University of Alba Iulia